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360° Rotatable Nail Vacuum Cleaner

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Color: Type-1

Plugs Type: US PLUG (100-110V)

US PLUG (100-110V)
EU PLUG (220-240V)
UK PLUG (220-240V)
AU PLUG (220-240V)
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Nail Vacuum Cleaner


1. One machine is multi-purpose. You can vacuum while sanding and enjoy doing manicures.

2. 230W Powerful Suction. 230W powerful, strong suction comes from high power, and the dust and gas are separated without residue, so that the dust will not be stained on clothes and hair.

3. LED Lighting. Front mounted LED spotlights. In addition to collecting dust, it can also be used as lighting to help you make better nail art creations.

4. Low Noise. This nail cleaner not only has strong suction, but also has a low noise use effect. The vacuum cleaner is specially designed with strong suction, low heat generation, energy saving and environmental friendly.

5. Filter.This nail cleaner is installed with an activated carbon filter structure and a barrel shaped design that can store a lot of dust. Remove odor, purify the air, reusable and easy to clean.

6. Transparent Cover.This manicure vacuum cleaner is equipped with a transparent cover (which can be freely disassembled and assembled according to your needs), the dust has nowhere to escape, and is directly sucked by the vacuum cleaner, so that the nail art environment is not polluted.

7.Heat dissipation holes. Effectively improve the bottom of the vacuum cleaner better heat dissipation, lasting heat dissipation is not easy to get hot, and prolong the life of the vacuum cleaner.

Installation Method:

1. Connect the adapter and the vacuum cleaner.

2. Put the filter into the machine.

3. Put the transparent cover on the vacuum pipe, and place the cover of the vacuum pipe in the corresponding location(open to the left, lock to the right)


1. After the installation, touch the switch key, select the switch you need (vacuum cleaner switch, double‑click to adjust the wind speed; LED light switch; handpiece switch)

2. Align the vacuum tube at the place you need to vacuum.

3. Please turn off the power in time when not in use, and clean the dust on the filter regularly.


1. Do not disassemble or repair the machine without authorization to avoid the risk of use;

2. When cleaning the dust on the filter of the machine, please disconnect the power supply and clean it after taking it out;

3. Do not let liquids and acidic chemicals contact the machine;

4. Please use the adapter provided with this machine. Misuse may cause potential safety hazards.


Item type: Vacuum cleaner
Material: ABS
Input voltage: 100/220V, 50/60Hz
Output voltage: DC12V 10A
Power: 230W
Handpiece voltage: 12V (≠12V is not suitable)
Handpiece speed: 35000rpm

Product Include

1* Vacuum cleaner
1* Transparent cover
1* Filter
1* Vacuum tube
1* Adapter
1* Manual
1* Box
(※Handpiece is not included, please purchase it separately)

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