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The Problem With Needing a Gym To Workout
Chances are, you’ve had a membership to a gym.

☀️ It cost a lot ( $50? $100? More? )

☀️ It was always busy when you wanted to go.

☀️ And it was a pain to get in the car and drive across town to get there.

☀️ That is if you can find the time to fit in a workout.

What if your gym could come to you?


Why Cordless?

JumpTrainer makes the amazing benefits of jumping accessible for everyone.

✓ Workout anywhere, anytime

✓ For all fitness levels

✓ No space restrictions

✓ No noisy cables, stepping on the rope, or interrupting your workouts

Building a Better Jump Rope 
We created Jumptrainer to be the perfect training companion.
A cordless, smart trainer to let you work out on your terms.
A whole body, effective workout you can do anywhere, anytime.
A heart-healthy, muscle-building system for the modern man.
All for less than the price of a couple of weeks at the gym.
Even better, we’ll ship it right to your door.

It only takes a few minutes a day to start seeing results from Jumptrainer.

Turn on your Jumptrainer and enter your current weight

Complete a workout ( from your workout planner )

Record the workout details in your exercise log

Jumptrainer tracks your workouts and the details you need to know you’re making progress: total jumps, calories burned, and total workout time.

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